is to set up systems that are easy and convenient to use
and can therefore be maintained by the client.


ē You are getting ready to sell your home and are overwhelmed by all that has to be done to get it on the market.

• You want to avoid paying bills late and are inundated by all the paper that has overtaken your home.

• You shun the idea of inviting friends or family over to your home because you are embarrassed by of all of the clutter in your home.

• You are wasting money buying duplicate and even triplicate items and you are wasting time looking for things that you know you have.

• You have just moved into a new home and want to get it set up the right way from the start.

• You want to use the space in your closet in a more effective way and have your clothes visible and easily accessible.

• You are parking your car outside because your garage is filled with too much stuff.

• You are paying a monthly fee for a storage unit and hardly know what is in there.

If you are feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed and just donít know where to begin,
now is the right time to hire a Professional Organizer!