Invest a little extra money in buying good quality organizing products. For example, every home should have a sturdy filing cabinet with FULL EXTENSION drawers. Filing can be tedious and even worse if the drawer is difficult to open and you have to struggle to reach the files in the way back. A good quality product goes a long way!

Stick to the rule of one in, one out, and have your clothes organized by season, category and color or, if you prefer, by outfit. Go through your clothes twice a year. At the start of each new season, if you have not worn something, donate it!

Use the backs of your closet, bathroom, mudroom and pantry doors for over the door pocket organizers and hooks. In the mudroom, you can switch from winter gloves, hats and scarves to summer sunscreen, insect repellent and flip flops!
Use the space under your bed for out-of-season clothes, shoes or other items. Purchase containers with wheels that can easily roll under your bed.

Remember to use the vertical space in your home. Buy tall bookshelves and use the walls in your garage to store ladders, bicycles, tools and toys.

Let go of excessive magazines, articles and recipe books that you do not have the time to read. Use the internet to search for new recipes and articles of interest.

Always plan shopping trips ahead of time by making lists of your errands and what you need to purchase. Make sure you have the coupons that you intend to use in your handbag and keep the receipts with any item that you think you might want to return.

Be a mindful shopper. Know before you bring anything new into your home, where it will “live”. You do not need to have everything put away 100% of the time, but should you want to put something away, decide exactly where it belongs!